Axios mAX-Advanced

Manufacturer PANalytical Inc.
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  • Ease of use
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    4 out of 5
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"robust, fairly reliable."

Review date: 25 May 2011 | Axios mAX-Advanced
Axio mAX-Advanced is engineered for excellence in terms of analytical and operational performance.

Technological innovation combined with decades of experience has resulted in the AxiosmAX-Advanced – the ultimate system for accurate and precise XRF analysis.

  • PANalytical leadership
    Axios Advanced meets the requirements for the most demanding XRF analysis - from high-precision bluk material analysis to accurate trace element determination. This is achieved through its unsurpassed sensitivity, reproducibility and stability. AxiosmAX-Advanced can measure all the elements between beryllium and uranium in the periodic system over wide dynamic concentration ranges.
  • SST-mAX50 breakthrough technology
    Axios mAX-Advanced is equipped with SST-mAX50 – the newest technology in high power, end-window X-ray tubes. SST-mAX50 features a special ultra thin window, which combined with 4 kW power and 160 mA operation gives the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits for light elements. While ZETA Technology maintains the benefit of ultimate light-element sensitivity over time, CHI-BLUE coating technology increases the robustness and durability of the SST-mAX50 throughout its lifetime.
  • Advanced software for routine flexibility
    AxiosmAX-Advanced is controlled by SuperQ, PANalytical's established and proven XRF analysis software. With an intuitive user interface it allows operators to perform advanced analysis. Powerful and flexible, SuperQ also gives R&D analysts complete control over every aspect of the analysis.
  • Full investigations within 1 minute
    The versatile Omnian standardless analysis software can handle a wide variety of sample materials including rocks, ores, steels, plastics and oils. All are analyzed by a single measuring program, calibrated using PANalytical's advanced fundamental parameters algorithm. Omnian coupled with the unique FastScan capability of your AxiosmAX can deliver a quantitative measurement within one minute.
  • Analytical flexibility and speed
    A 6-position collimator mask gives AxiosmAX-Advanced the flexibility to handle a wide variety of sample diameters from 6 mm to 37 mm. The mask is programmable, allowing AxiosmAX-Advanced to measure samples of different sizes in a single measurement batch. Continuous and direct sample loading options minimize instrument overhead time and greatly speed sample throughput.
  • Light element sensitivity
    In addition to its unique thin window technology, the unparalleled light-element performance of the SST-mAX50 is further enhanced by the use of laterally curved crystals (GE111, PE002), which have outstanding sensitivity and spectral resolution for S, P, Si and Al. Element-specific, high-reflectivity multi-layer crystals are optional for the analysis of Be, B, C and N, with the new PX7 crystal yielding 50% more sensitivity for boron.

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Axios mAX-Advanced

Manufacturer PANalytical Inc.

4.4 / 5.0 | 2 reviews