ZEISS AxioCam MR - All-round Digital Microscope Camera by ZEISS Microscopy

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

ZEISS AxioCam MR - All-round Digital Microscope Camera by ZEISS Microscopy product image
ZEISS AxioCam MR - All-round Digital Microscope Camera
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AxioCam MR
Digital Documentation in Microscopy
The All-round Camera for Biology, Medicine and Materials Analysis

A tradition of excellence:
AxioCam MR from Carl Zeiss

For 150 years Carl Zeiss has been a major influence in the development of microscopy - through trend-setting innovations and uncompromising quality. With AxioCam MR, Carl Zeiss has achieved the challenging goal of providing you with optimal camera technology for routine microscopy performance - technology that is perfectly tailored to your fields of work and your microscope system.

All included
The camera set contains special operation software which permits easy capture, processing and saving of the image.

Outstanding price and performance
This mid-resolution camera from Carl Zeiss has excellent resolution of 1300 x 1030 and 12-bit digitization. A/D conversion is performed directly in the camera head, producing image and color quality far beyond the possibilities of standard video. It is possible to achieve - and surpass - the resolution of considerably more expensive 3-chip CCD models.

Benefit upon benefit
The "e;Zeiss Blue"e; also provides such outstanding benefits as compact size and increased efficiency in addition to optimum adjustment to your microscope and software. Inconvenient switching of cameras and tangled cables are a thing of the past: A single long cable is sufficient for data and energy supply.