ZEISS AxioCam HR - Digital Microscope Camera by ZEISS Microscopy

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ZEISS AxioCam HR - Digital Microscope Camera
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The Digital Microscope Camera High-performance Digital Photography

Ultra-high Resolution and Fluorescence in One System

Wouldn't it be fantastic to work with a digital camera which made full use of your microscope's resolution? Just imagine, you could use it for all microscopy and macroscopy applications.

Only with the AxioCam HR
Now it has arrived: the AxioCam HR from Carl Zeiss – developed for the microscopist by the microscopy expert. Not only does it generate needle-sharp, color-fast images in all image formats, it is also optimally adjusted to work with the microscope and fully integrated with the software. What's more it also allows you to work more productively, as digital technology guarantees that your working processes, from image acquisition, via image processing through to archiving, takes place with maximum efficiency.

The high-resolution camera for all applications
AxioCam HR is a real all-rounder. Instead of purchasing a wide range of digital cameras and spending additional time changing them on the microscope, you can use a single camera for all applications. From biology and biomedicine through to materials analysis and quality-assurance applications, AxioCam HR offers the very best image quality in all fields of work. It can also be adapted to best suit your requirements, with the option of selecting from various resolution levels up to 3900 x 3090 pixels. AxioCam HR excels in all contrast techniques. Due to its excellent sensitivity and cooling, the camera is an excellent choice for fluorescence imaging at its basic resolution of 1300 x 1030 pixels.

Perfect integration with microscope and user software
The highly efficient interaction between AxioCam HR and Zeiss microscope systems guarantees results of the highest quality. In combination with motorized microscopes many processes can be automated, which is of particular benefit when generating complex image recordings in fluorescence microscopy. For multiple fluorescence and time-lapse recordings this ensures that the risk of the sample being harmed is kept to a minimum. Binning can reduce exposure times to the lowest possible level. The AxioVision digital imaging software offered together with AxioCam HR ensures convenient camera operation and also allows you to process, analyze and archive your images.

Genuine 3900 x 3090 pixels in color
A patented procedure makes this possible: you can select real resolution (i.e. without a method of interpolation such as pixel duplication) in an area of between 1300 x 1030 and 3900 x 3090 pixels in color, so that it is adjusted to suit the relevant applications in the best possible way. Exactly what you see in the microscope is made available by the camera in the form of digital information.

Outstanding brilliance of color and detail
AxioCam's CCD color sensor generates recordings with absolute color accuracy. Even extremely fine structures are reproduced without color moiré. This is achieved through color-co-site sampling. With this procedure reliable color information (i.e. not arithmetically generated using color interpolation) is obtained by scanning the red, green and blue components in exactly the same place.

Real-time on-line images in color
In the live mode, the on-line image on the monitor is updated approximately 20 images per second. The color live image offers you direct control of the intensity level in each color channel and considerably simplifies focussing and framing. You see the resulting image immediately.

Easy to use
AxioCam HR is extremely compact and works without an external control box. There is no mechanical shutter, no filter wheels and no cooling fan, which means that the quality of your recordings is not impaired by vibrations. Long, interference- free fiberoptic cables create the connection to the PC.

High dynamics for the best possible fluorescence
Even at low light intensities AxioCam HR can produce remarkable results. The Peltier-cooled camera integrates for up to 40 seconds. Even in the case of specimens with extremely low light intensity, which require longer integration times, high-quality fluorescence images are guaranteed. The high dynamics of 14 bits per color channel allow you to save and subsequently process your recordings with maxi-mum color accuracy and image quality.

From Image Capture to Archiving
What is the point of a high-quality camera if it is not simple and convenient to use? Together with your new microscope camera Carl Zeiss supplies a digital image processing system which contains a powerful tool: AxioVision software. With this one program you have everything at your fingertips.