AXIA™ Prepacked Preparative HPLC Columns

Manufacturer Phenomenex Inc

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Innovative Packing and Hardware Technology

Axia columns are packed in a single axial compression step. This eliminates any decompression or "relaxation" of the sorbent and solves common problems associated with conventional packing processes for preparative columns.

The Axia packing method is completely automated and monitored by multiple sensors which allow measurement and recording of all process parameters for every column.The result is an improved, more repeatable packing process, that offers the following benefits for Prep chromatographers:
  • Elimination of media collapse
  • Long column lifetimes
  • Efficiencies and peak symmetries on par with analytical separations

With AXIA-packed columns, ideal bed density is custom calculated and automated for each support, chemistry, and column size. Computer control of the entire process assures the proper bed density and uniformity. With a single, controlled hydraulic compression the piston assembly locks in place and detaches; the support media is never allowed to decompress, "relax" or require re-compression, unlike other packing methodologies.

The result is an improved, more repeatable packing process, giving Prep chromatographers significant improvements in prep column lifetime (no more premature bed collapse!), with efficiencies and peak symmetries on par with analytical separations.

Overall column-to-column consistency is also dramatically improved. Columns are available in 21.2 mm, 30mm and 50 mm ID’s. Axia prepacked preparative columns are available in wide array of selectivities that include:

Achiral Selectivities:
  • Clarity
  • Gemini-NX
  • Gemini
  • Luna
  • Synergi
  • Jupiter

Chiral Selectivities:
  • Lux
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