(disabled) AWEL XP 100 Plasma Expressor

Manufacturer AWEL

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Maximum platelet and plasma recovery are the results of using the AWEL XP 100 Plasma Expressor.

The XP 100 offers:
- Ease of handling the blood bags
- Accepts all types of bag
- Monitors and controls the plasma extraction process
- Maximizes yield of plasma & platelets
- Eliminates cross-contamination by red cells
- Automatic calibration for each sample
- No errors - automatic detection of incorrect opacity
- Infra-red detection more sensitive than the human eye
- High throughput - one operator can run at least 6 x XP 100 in parallel

The XP 100 provides Economic and Efficient Plasma and Platelet Separation

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(disabled) AWEL XP 100 Plasma Expressor

Manufacturer AWEL

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