AWEL MF 48-R for Innovation in Centrifugation

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The MF 48-R multifunction centrifuge from AWEL International incorporates all the latest innovations from the new French centrifuge manufacturer. This young company, employing specialists with 25 years’ experience in centrifugation, is set on introducing new and valuable benefits to customers.

Productivity is ever more important as users need to optimize the use of limited resources. AWELight™ is one of AWEL’s responses to the challenge. The large blue lid handle of the MF 48-R lights up as soon as the rotor stops, inviting operators to remove samples immediately, so maximizing the number of centrifugation cycles per day. Samples can be analyzed when the separation is at its best – no resuspension or diffusion of the separated components – giving highest quality results.

Productivity improves by having the suitable rotor operational in seconds whatever rotor is actually in the MF 48-R, an advantage served up by the second innovative device… AWELock™

Safety, economy, longevity and contamination reduction are other benefits of AWELock™. This device enables rotor removal/replacement in seconds without tools. On the drive shaft, they lock into position, with correct locking indicated, ensuring safety. Various rotors avoid having several dedicated instruments, reducing cost. It is so easy to remove a rotor to clean the chamber and rotor. The centrifuge and accessories gain in extended life by corrosion-resistance and contaminants are removed from the sample environment.

Space-saving is key factor in today’s laboratories. Maximizing use from the minimum space is the result of AWELook™. Smaller on the outside, the MF 48-R and other AWEL centrifuges are bigger inside, so often accepting more samples than other centrifuges in the same class. Ergonomic operation is a great personal benefit. The AWELook™ design offers much easier access to the chamber with lower height (other centrifuges can be up to 40% taller). And when you have to handle multiple samples, automated lid opening and closing make access even more convenient.

Recognizing that multiplying the safety and longevity, ensuring high quality results and combining this with sustained performance is certain to please operators; AWEL International has introduced AWELine™. This detector of level prevents the MF 48-R from operating if more than 5° out of horizontal. The result is reduced stress on the drive motor, no degradation of separation from vibration and longer life of major components able to perform at the highest level.