AWEL DI 400 Automated Gravimetric Diluter

Manufacturer AWEL

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Ideal for microbiology labs with its high productivity, the AWEL DI 400 diluter provides fast, accurate and repeatable dilutions in routine operation.

The DI 400 ensures:
- Significantly reduces cost per sample
- Excellent repeatability; eliminates human error
- High quality; automatic calibration
- Time saving
- Automatic adjustment for correct dilution
- Full traceability; USB connection to PC
- Dilution conforms to ISO 7218 & ISO 6887-1
- Simplified operation by integration with MP 9 Media Preparator
- Reduced contamination; airtight connections
- Simultaneous connection to 2 broths (option)
- Ease of understanding with large display, simple keyboard and multiple languages
- Another model permits simultaneous pumping with 4 pumpheads

With its Automated Arm and Optional 2nd Pump the DI 400 responds to all Microbiology Lab Requirements