AWEL CF 108-R Refrigerated High Capacity Benchtop Centrifuge

Manufacturer AWEL

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The new AWEL CF 108-R offers remarkable convenience, efficiency and quality of results. Unique design features offer thorough decontamination, maximized sample throughput and ergonomic operation.

Although a new brand, AWEL incorporates knowledgeable centrifugation experts with over 25 years’ experience, having previously designed some of the world’s most successful centrifuges. The AWEL range builds upon their achievements to create truly innovative instruments.

High Capacity for the class
- Accepts up to 124 x 5/7 mL blood tubes, 60 x 15 mL conicals, 24 x 50 mL conicals and 4 x 750 mL flasks
- Reliable performance for routine sample preparation
- 4 500 rpm, 4 600 x g with Swing-out rotor

- Quiet operation
- 10 memories for instant operation
- Effortless loading - the bowl is just over 30 cm above the bench.
- Loading at 90 cm bench height

- Accurate RCF control (radius selection per accessory)
- Wide temperature range -20 °C to +60 °C - Excellent for 37 °C clinical separations

- AWELight™ end of run / sample ready indication
- AWELock™ rotor removal in seconds to make cleaning easy and extend the life of rotor and centrifuge
- AWELook™ ergonomic design,
   - easy yet versatile controls,
   - motorized lid lock,
   - large display seen from a distance,
   - multi-colored display for status indication

Durable design for an excellent return on investment