AWEL C 20 / C 20-R   4 x 200 mL Ventilated & Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuges

Manufacturer AWEL

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Rugged small capacity workhorses, the AWEL C 20 and C 20-R are designed for laboratories requiring a reliable refrigerated centrifuge for specific applications while accepting a variety of sample containers and requiring a versatile selecton of parameters and accurate, repeatable results.

Innovation and advanced design are proven by several patents and its very experienced team of engineers and applications experts have ensured that it responds to these needs in the most ergonomic fashion.

High Capacity for the class
- Accept 36 x 5/7 mL blood tubes, 12 x 15 mL conicals, 4 x 50 mL conicals
- Angle rotor for 32 x 15 mL tubes at low speed
- Reliable performance for routine sample preparation
- 4 400 rpm, 3 030 x g with Angle rotor
- 4 400 rpm, 3 500 x g with Swing-out rotor

- Quiet operation
- 10 memories for instant operation
- Space saving - only 42 cm wide - refrigeration at the rear (C 20-R)
- Optional low level benches incorporating storage for accessories

- Accurate RCF control (radius selection per accessory)
- Temperature range -9 °C to +40 °C (C 20-R); cool, ventilated running (C 20)

- AWELight™ end of run / sample ready indication
- AWELook™ ergonomic design, low level (28 cm high), easy controls, motorized lid lock, large display seen from a distance, multi-colored display for status indication

Rugged - For Intensive Use on Routine Applications