Avanti J-HC High Capacity Centrifuge

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter  |   Model: 367501  |  Available Worldwide
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A New Dimension in Bioprocessing

The Avanti J-HC High Capacity Centrifuge provides you with a complete solution for batch bioprocessing. A maximum of 9 Liters can be spun at speeds of 5,000 rpm and 7,480 x g for greater sample throughput. This allows processing of up to 36 Liters per hour when harvesting bacteria. Enhanced operator safety is provided with disposable HarvestLine system liners.

Product Features

Highest capacity in its class
  • Up to 9 liter capacity for high-throughput bioprocessing using the JS-5.0 swinging bucket rotor

  • Ease of harvesting samples with J-WIDE labware and disposable HarvestLine system liners

  • Paperless documentation, data management, and CGMP compliance with Spintrace II network software system

  • Fast and Efficient

  • Fastest accel and decel times with exclusive SR Drive technology

  • Low heat output and low energy consumption