AutoZONE analysis system by Synbiosis

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AutoZONE analysis system

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For high throughput automated measurement of inhibition zones only, AutoZONE is the system to choose.

AutoZONE’s computer controlled, CCD camera on a gantry automatically moves from zone to zone, rapidly reading and recording zone diameters with +/- 0.01mm degree of accuracy. Using AutoZONE you can analyse a 64 zone bioassay plate (including diameter calculation and image archiving) in just 70 seconds and because average diameter measurement is based on the entire zone area, this makes your results highly accurate.

Your zone reading results and zone images are automatically recorded by AutoZONE’s computer, thus eliminating any keying or scanning errors that can occur during data transfer. This information can be transferred to Excel or a LIMS for statistical analysis or can be used to rapidly produce professional reports with or without images, which are accepted by regulatory authorities. The data generated can also be integrated into a 21 CFR Part 11 environment making it easier for your laboratory to achieve GLP and GMP compliance.