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AutoPlant / MiniPlant
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AutoPlant / MultiPlant: Solutions for Process R&D, Polymer Synthesis and Preparative Synthesis

The Chemspeed MultiPlant and AutoPlant workstations offer targeted solutions for Process R&D, Polymer Synthesis and Preparative Synthesis.

The leading edge MiniPlant technology allows scientists to truly mimic the final industrial production process and provides all the required flexibility to optimize integrated reaction sequences, even if a complex configuration of reactors and feed vessels is required.

Based on the compact, flexible and economic assembly of downscaled tank reactors, the Chemspeed MiniPlant, whether used in a semi-automated way on a MultiPlant Workstation or fully automated using the Accelerator™ technology on the AutoPlant, has been designed for high output experimentation in the development and optimization of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, polymers, specialty chemicals, catalysts and many more.

• Process R&D
• Organic and inorganic synthesis, reactions under pressure (process research, optimization and scale-up)
• Preparative synthesis
• Validation
• Polymer synthesis (mass-, solution-, pressure-, emulsion-polymerization)
• Formulation
• Crystallization

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