Automated Pipetting - Xiril N150

Manufacturer Xiril AG
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Xiril’s Neon 150 serves high throughput needs and is the perfect choice for your targeted solutions, with unmatched options and flexibility on a relative small platform.
Up to two pipetting arms with 8 independent pipetting channels each or even a 96 channels head can take over automated reformatting, dilution series, PCR-Setup, archiving, extractions, hit picking etc., while you are free for other jobs.

The Neon technology crosses boundaries with its unique combination of liquid and robotic handling for all your laboratory tasks including plate handling, barcode reading, heating&shaking, solid phase extraction (SPE) based on vacuum or magnetic beads etc. The straightforward worktable offering 36 microplate positions can be optimised even further with additional stackers for increased throughput.

Neon 150 – the perfect choice to meet all your liquid handling needs with highest flexibility!