Automated Pipetting - Neon 100 with Hood by Xiril AG

Manufacturer Xiril AG

Automated Pipetting - Neon 100 with Hood by Xiril AG product image
Automated Pipetting - Neon 100 with Hood
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Enclosed – safe – sound: Xiril’s Neon100 with Hood

Xiril liquid handling robots are ideally suited to perform a large number of liquid handling tasks in automation solutions. E.g. processes such as nucleic acid separation or PCR setup can easily be automated. The proven pipetting robot Neon is available with up to 36 positions on the worktable, carrying one or two robotic arms facilitating your daily pipetting routine.

The basic instrument Neon100 is now available with an integrated hood, providing an enclosed working environment. The Hood Neon provides a UV lamp for decontamination of the worktable as a standard and interior lighting for improved visibility when loading the pipetting robot.
Going for the Neon with Hood the following features are provided:

All processes are secured at any time – the instrument pauses upon opening of the door and continues seamlessly and automatically once the door is closed again.
Reduced risk of injury! Safe instrument operation for the user, no accidental intervention is possible when the robot is running.
Have full control anytime about the status of the Neon liquid handling robot; the LED lights indicating the instrument’s status are visible on the front door.
The enclosed tip waste chute reduces cross-contamination; the tips slide directly into an enclosed waste bag.
Be safe when opening the hood and protect your samples from cross-contamination:
an optional set of HEPA filter and ventilation is available for additional air flow decontamination.

Besides the new Hood a wide range of accessories is available for Xiril’s Neon to enable your liquid handling needs, e.g. many different adapter and racks, the Thermo-ShakeX ELM for heating and shaking of microplates, the Tube-ScanX LR for seamless reading of barcoded sample tubes or the SPE station for automated vacuum extractions.

For your liquid handling automation, Xiril and the robotic workstations Neon offer:

Flexibility – pipetting and gripper function in one arm; non kit-dependent
Modularity – options can be added as needed, the worktable can be set up individually
Open software lirix – supports even the most challenging pipetting applications
Proven technology – made in Switzerland
Expert service – liquid handling specialists accompany your project from specification definition to implementation and serial production.

Configure the Neon robot to fit your requirements, benefit from these standard and safety features as well as from the assistance of the Neon liquid handling workstation performing your daily pipetting routine.

Find out more about Xiril’s automated liquid handling and OEM solutions by clicking on the manufacturer website link at the top of the page.

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Automated Pipetting - Neon 100 with Hood by Xiril AG product image

Automated Pipetting - Neon 100 with Hood

Manufacturer Xiril AG

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