Automated Pipetting - Neon 100

Manufacturer Xiril AG

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Who else can provide targeted solutions for your medium to high throughput applications with highest flexibility on such a small robotic workstation?
The Neon technology crosses boundaries with up to 8 independent pipetting channels and its unique combination of liquid and robotic handling for all your laboratory tasks including plate handling, barcode reading, heating&shaking, extractions etc.

Space saving on a small footprint Xiril's flagship Neon100 yet offers 20 microplate positions and can even be equipped with a second pipetting arm holding a 96 channels head. Your new pipetting partner takes over automated PCR-Setup, reformatting, dilution series, archiving, solid phase extraction (SPE) based on vacuum or magnetic beads, hit picking etc. while you are free for other tasks.
Neon 100 - the perfect choice to meet all your liquid handling needs!