Automated Dispensing Systems for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization

Manufacturer BioDot Inc.

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Demand for Karyotyping and direct interphase analysis using FISH continues to increase. Due to this demand, Cytogenetic laboratories need solutions for providing increased throughput and reduced cost.

BioDot automation and dispensing systems enable sample and probe multiplexing along with miniaturizing sample volumes, thereby streamlining workflows, increasing sample throughput, and reducing cost.

Exquisite control of temperature, humidity and dispense volume bring consistency to a highly manual process. Each of these elements are now integrated into a system that automates the entire process from tubes to slides.

BioJet Technology has been optimized to consistently generate metaphase and interphase spreads. The miniaturization of the dropping volume from 100 uL to 500 nL has enabled high throughput capabilities with multiple samples applied to a single slide.

BioDot has integrated its dispensing technologies onto a variety of platforms, suitable for low, medium and high throughput cytogenetic laboratories. Click here for more details.