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The smart plate logistics module for the Aquarius™ multi-channel pipetting system

The Autoloader dispenses, collects, sorts and stores various plate and disposable tip formats for the Aquarius multi-channel pipetting device. With a capacity of 250 plates or 72 disposable tip racks, it significantly adds to the flexibility and capabilities of Aquarius.

Autoloader features six stacker columns for storage of plates and tips and utilizes the same stacker columns as Tecan's other detection and plate handling systems. The Autoloader provides a substantial reservoir of plates and tips allowing walk away operation of an Aquarius-based system. The Autoloader is easily integrated into Aquarius systems and controlled by the Aquarius operating software package.

- Increased throughput through simultaneous loading and pipetting
- Large capacity providing comfortable walk-away capability
- Access to all deck positions of the Aquarius from each stacker column
- Storage of plates and disposable tips in a single unit
- Easy integration and control
- Common stacker column design compatible with all Tecan devices