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The new Bruker Daltonics AutoflexII MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF systems are ideal for both high-success expression proteomics and clinical proteomics.   The new AutoflexII TOF/TOF offers seamless biomarker profiling and subsequent biomarker identification by TOF/TOF for demanding ClinProt™ researchers.  The systems are available in the Bruker Daltonics application laboratories and biomarker discovery centers.   The AutoflexII TOF/TOF is the first vertical TOF/TOF system, and offers almost all of the high-performance MS/MS characteristics of the larger TOF/TOF systems, yet requires much less lab space, and is priced competitively.   The AutoflexII MALDI-TOF is the successor to the well-established Autoflex system launched in 2000, the first industrial high-throughput MALDI-TOF MS system.  The AutoflexII incorporates various performance, electronics, and software enhancements, and can be optionally upgraded onsite to full TOF/TOF capabilities.  The AutoflexII now operates under our integrated COMPASS™ software environment for easy operation in multi-instrument laboratories, and with the most comprehensive proteomics software suite in the industry.  For pharmaceutical customers, the AutoflexII system offers software to support customers in achieving 21 CFR Part II compliance.  Bruker Daltonics also offers IQ, OQ, and PV support for FDA-regulated customers.  The AutoflexII series benefits from our unique AnchorChip™ MALDI sample targets which use the industry-standard microtitre plate (MTP) format, and are thus easily compatible with the most common microbiology or clinical diagnostics sample preparation robots.  An optional robotic arm is available for unattended 24/7 operation.  Bruker Daltonics' patented AnchorChip technology provides exactly-positioned samples on the MALDI target for robust and fast automation, as well as a sensitivity boost by up to two orders of magnitude.