autoflex III MALDI-TOF system by Bruker Daltonics

Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

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autoflex III MALDI-TOF system

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Innovative MALDI-TOF technology for reliable and detailed protein characterization, high resolution MALDI imaging and validated biomarker discovery. Patented smartbeam™ laser technology is a must for MALDI Molecular Imaging and gives access to superior performance in any Proteomics project.

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Succeeding the well-established autoflex II system, the autoflex III incorporates in addition our proprietary PAN™ (panoramic) broadband mass focusing. It allows impressive simultaneous mass resolution across a wide mass range leading to optimum results without tuning or changing parameters. An on-site upgrade to full TOF/TOF capability is possible.

Intuitive instrument control
The autoflex III operates within the powerful Compass software environment. Compass offers a seamless link with the most comprehensive bioinformatics software suite in the industry. Dedicated software solutions e.g. flexImaging™ for MALDI Molecular Imaging of tissue samples or ClinProTools™ for biomarker discovery and biomarker validation are available.
The only solution package to offer direct Class Imaging™ of clinical samples.

Consistent automation
The microtiter plate format of the MALDI sample target guarantees full compatibility with the biochemical lab and is essential for high-throughput sample preparation (e.g. on PROTEINEER dp robot). The powerful proprietary AnchorChip™ and Prespotted AnchorChip target technology provides homogeneous, exactly-positioned samples on the MALDI target for robust and rapid automated data collection, as well as a sensitivity boost by up to two orders of magnitude.

Reliable long-term operation
All system components have been designed and tested for maximum life and minimum wear. The service concept includes automated self-diagnosis routine and remote service capabilities.