MLS-2420U-PE Laboratory Autoclave by Panasonic Healthcare Europe

Manufacturer Panasonic Healthcare Europe  |   Model: MLS-2420U-PE
Convenient sterilisation on demand offers great flexibility

MLS-2420U-PE Laboratory Autoclave by Panasonic Healthcare Europe product image
MLS-2420U-PE Laboratory Autoclave
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MLS Portable Autoclaves with accurate, efficient temperature control. Autoclaves with easy-to-use functions. Above all these Autoclaves feature a wealth of security features to ensure the safety of the user and the material inside.

Researchers waste valuable time and energy when using a centralised building Autoclave. Installation and maintenance of central Autoclaves are not only costly, but also time-consuming. We now offer the solution you require - three ranges of portable Panasonic Autoclaves designed for the individual laboratory or user.

With generous capacities of up to 12 1000ml flasks (MLS-3781L) and sterlisation temperature up to 135°C, see our brochures below for more reasons why your next Autoclave should be a Panasonic Autoclave.