Autoclave Calibration Services

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Priorclave are fully accredited by UKAS as a calibration laboratory and can offer their UK mainland customers regular autoclave calibrations either as part of a service contract or on a one-off basis. UKAS accredited certificates are issued for all calibration and performance qualification work.

A traceably calibrated digital thermometer is used to check the autoclave temperature controller and ancillary equipment. Where appropriate, adjustments or any other action necessary to correct errors in the calibration of the autoclave are carried out.

Performance Qualification
Performance qualification (validation) is an accurate method of assessing and maximising the efficiency of your autoclave cycles and your individual load types. Not only does this ensure that your load will be adequately processed, it can often allow cycle times to be safely reduced, to improve productivity, as well as providing a valuable aid for your risk assessment - an obligation of Health and Safety regulations.

Priorclave technicians are not permitted to disable or bypass any safety devices

Other Equipment
For all other temperature calibration and performance qualification needs, including - Ovens, Incubators, Water Baths, Climatic and Environmental Chambers, contact Priorclave's Technical Department.