AutoAnalyzer 3 by SEAL Analytical Ltd.

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AutoAnalyzer 3
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Rating: 4.0

"I use the instrument for analysis, the most difficult and time consuming part about this instrument is the reagent prep and the fact that it doesn't have a shutdown method once the test is complete. Other than this it works very well."

Review date: 09 May 2012 | AutoAnalyzer 3
Every part of the AutoAnalyzer 3 incorporates improvements enabled by modern electronics and mechanical technology to bring your laboratory higher performance and lower costs.

The SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 uses all the advantages of air-segmented flow. With reaction times up to 30 minutes, even complex procedures like distillation can be automated. Dialyzers can be built into the system for elimination of interference from dirty or colored samples. Our proprietary in-line UV digestion procedure conforms to the ISO Standard Methods for automated measurement of Total Cyanide and Total Phosphorus.

Segmented Flow Advantages
  • Fully Automatic Operation - Start up to Shut down
  • Ultra Low Detection Limits
  • 40 to 100 samples per hour
  • over 700 documented applications
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Compatible with Technicon and Bran+Luebbe AutoAnalyzer II Systems
  • Quick Method Change-over
  • Wide range: dilution of sample is rarely necessary

Modular Design for high flexibility
A one channel SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 System comprises a Sampler, Pump, Chemical Manifold, Detector and Computer. The system can easily be extended by adding a second Chemical Manifold and a second Detector. The SEAL AutoAnalyzer then becomes a Two Channel System, which measures two different analytes at the same time. Additional Detectors and Manifolds can be added, as required, up to a total of 8 channels.

Dual Range Methods
Most multitest methods are also dual-range; with separate pump tubes for high and low ranges. You can test an extremely wide range of sample concentrations. For example, the AutoAnalyzer 3 method for Nitrate in Seawater can measure up to 8500 ug N/L and has a detection limit of 0.14 ug/L. This same manifold can be used to measure Ammonia and Silicate.

Product Overview

AutoAnalyzer 3 by SEAL Analytical Ltd. product image

AutoAnalyzer 3

Manufacturer SEAL Analytical Ltd.

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews