aurora M90 ICP-MS by Bruker CAM

Manufacturer Bruker CAM
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aurora M90 ICP-MS
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Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area:Residue And E-Fate Metabolism Chemistry

"This Instrument is very good for Metal trace analysis in water samples. I have seen good sensitivity and reproducibility. However the software is very complex and is not very user friendly. It is easy to maintain and keep clean also very good for organometallic analysis in soil and complex matrices or after synthesis of new compounds. I do recommended for the stated above. "

Review date: 25 Feb 2014 | aurora M90 ICP-MS
Bruker ICP-MS Solution

If you’ve ever wished that ICP-MS could be simpler, wish no more.

The aurora M90 makes light work of it. No matter what your requirements, with a Bruker ICP-MS, you can tackle any application with ease.

Key benefits of aurora M90 include:
• CRI II universal analysis mode provides fast and accurate results for samples routinely encountered across the wide range of environmental and industrial monitoring processes
• Multi-mode delivers the ultimate in performance and flexibility for any sample type including those less routine in nature
• Bruker Quantum, an intuitive user interface that speeds method development and optimization
• The aurora M90's unique high sensitivity mode opens up a world of new possibilities in research
• Full range of performance and productivity-enhancing accessories