Aurora High Performance Microplates

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Aurora High Performance Microplates are made from cyclo-olefin polymer (COP), they allow researchers to perform assay miniaturisation in 384, 1536 and 3456 formats. These microplates are available with an evaporation barrier of sacrifical wells and a specially designed lid to minimize sample evaporation.  Brooks provide industry leading manufacturing quality and quality control ensuring all products meet the highest standards.

Cyclo-Olefin Polymer Benefits
• All plates exhibit high transmittance of UV, visible, and near-IR wavelengths of light, supporting an expanded optical window down to 240nm.
• COP has less that 1% the native auto-fluorescence of polystyrene when exited at UV wavelengths of light resulting in better assay signal-to-noise performance.
• Products are chemically inert to many standard laboratory organics enabling storage of chemical compound libraries.
• No heavy metals or oxidizers are present in plates therefore reducing the risk of any reactions with your compounds or biological materials.

Evaporation Barrier Benefits
• Aurora evaporation barrier minimizes edge effects and therefore improves assay quality and preserves valuable compounds.