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Attocube attoSHPM - Low temperature scanning Hall probe microscope

The attoSHPM is a compact scanning Hall probe microscope, designed particularly for operation at low temperature and high magnetic fields. At the heart of the SHPM, a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) grown GaAs/AlGaAs Hall sensor measures magnetic fields with unrivalled sensitivity. Local measurements of the magnetization of a sample are obtained by scanning the
sample underneath the Hall sensor and simultaneously recording the Hall voltage, directly yielding the local magnetic field. While other local probes may outperform the Hall sensor with
respect to its lateral resolution, its ability to non-invasively obtain quantitative values for the local magnetic field makes the Hall sensor a unique tool for the study of superconductors
and magnetic materials.

Principle - The attoSHPM microscope uses a set of xyz-positioners for coarse positioning of the sample over a range of several mm. The scanning motion of the sample is provided by an attocube
piezo scanner, yielding a scan range of up to 30 x 30 μm² at 4.2 K. The adjustment of the Hall sensor is performed outside of the cryostat prior to cooling the microscope. The exceptional
combination of materials allows absolutely stable high resolution imaging of surfaces and local magnetic fields.

Attocube attoSHPM Key Features:

• Ultra compact SHPM head 
• Low temperature quantitative & non-invasive magnetic measurements down to the mK range 
• STM tracking distance detection 
• Min. detectable field: ~ 10 μT @ 4 K 
• Ultra-high resolution

Benefits of the Attocube attoSHPM:

• Fits standard cryogenic and magnet sample spaces 
• Highest measurement sensitivity 
• Compatible with high magnetic fields (15 T+) 
• Large cryogenic scan range available (30 x 30 μm2 @ 4 K) 
• Easily exchangable SPM heads