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attoMFM I
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Attocube attoMFM I - Low temperature magnetic force microscope, cantilever based

The Attocube attoMFM I is a compact magnetic force microscope designed particularly for applications at low and ultra low temperature. Based on a conventional atomic force microscope, the attoMFM I instrument works by scanning the sample below a fixed magnetic cantilever. The magnetic force gradient acting on the attoMFM I tip is then determined by measuring the change in resonance frequency (FM mode) or phase of the cantilever (AM mode) with highest precision using a fiber-based optical interferometer. Both measurements techniques are applied at a certain tip-sample distance, typically around 10 - 100 nm. In FM mode, a phase-locked loop (PLL) is used to excite the cantilever at resonance.

Attocube Magnetic Force Microscope, attoMFM I, Key Features:

• Ultra compact MFM head 
• Highly sensitive interferometric deflection detection 
• Unreached stability 
• Optical inspection of sample / tip via CCD camera 
• Adjustment of the cantilever outside the cryostat prior to cooling the microscope

Benefits of the attoMFM I:

• Fits standard cryogenic and magnet sample spaces 
• Highest measurement sensitivity 
• Simultaneous ultra high resolution topographic and
magnetic force imaging 
• Compatible with any commercially available MFM probe