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Attocube Systems Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) are designed as complete system solutions, capable of being integrated into virtually any electron microscope currently on the market.

The Attocube Systems AFMs offer highest levels of usability and flexibility, enabling scientists to perform high-precision measurements in material science, structural biology, solid state physics, and other fields of nanotechnology.

attocube systems in-situ SEM AFMs:

Two different AFM setups optimized to meet various customer requirements are the result of a decade of experience in scanning probe microscopy. All attocube microscopes are compatible with vacuum environments down to 1E-9 mbar.

Attocube attoAFM I:
The Attocube attoAFM I cantilever-based, compact system ensures outstanding stability enabling ultra high resolution imaging. The adjustment of the cantilever is performed outside of the SEM prior to operation of the microscope. Compatible with commercially available cantilevers, the Attocube attoAFM I system is ideally suited for imaging modes such as MFM and EFM, for tensile strength testing, and for nanoindentation.

Attocube attoAFM III:
Based on a non-optical tuning fork detection technique, the Attocube attoAFM III system is ideally suited for applications where a combination of smallest size (footrpint and height) and highest resolution imaging is required. A typical application of the Attocube attoAFM III is topographic imaging of undeveloped e-beam resist and nanoindentation.