ATPase or GTPase Assay Kits by Innova Biosciences Ltd.

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ATPase or GTPase Assay Kits
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Feel the need for speed in your lead development time?

The Answer – High Through Put Screening ATPase or GTPase Assays from Innova Biosciences.

Is your drug discovery program for ATPase or GTPase enzymes holding you back? Still searching for an inhibitor? Then you need Innova Biosciences easy to use, GTPase or ATPase assay kits. The non radioactive colorimetric assay kits use a 96 well format, and all the necessary reagents are supplied for measuring enzyme activity.

Additionally, the kits provide the following benefits:

Ultra pure substrates – purified Pi-free ATP to ensure low background signal.
Colorimetric, non-radioactive assay.
Easy – all components supplied.
High linearity.
Stable Signal through use of proprietary additives – no precipitation
Unparalleled stability of Pi-dye complexes.

At the heart of the assay kits is PiColorLock Gold – a superior phosphate detection reagent which ensures high stability of the colored dye phosphate complexes, thus leading to outstanding assay performance. With our kits you will have a novel inhibitory compound identified in no time!