AtomComp 2000 by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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AtomComp 2000
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The AtomComp 2000 DC Arc system represents the ideal instrument for the analysis of conductive materials in solid forms, such as powders, wires and chips.
• Echelle spectrometer with CID array detector
• Fast qualitative or quantitative analysis over the full wavelength range
• Simultaneous background correction
• Stable solid state power supply
• ThermoSpec software fully exploits the spectrometer's capabilities

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The Thermo Electron AtomComp 2000 DC Arc Emission Spectrometer enables simple, reliable , elemental analysis from solid samples, at detection limits below those available using liquid analysis methods. The technique is ideal for determining trace element impurities in precious metals, as well as in high purity-metallic and oxide matrices.


  • Direct analysis of conductive samples such as powders, briquettes, wires, chips-without dilution 
  • Continuous wavelength coverage with time-gated detection 
  • Simultaneous background correction 
  • Rugged, reliable and inexpensive to operate 
  • Fast, flexible qualitative and/or quantitative analysis 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use ThermoSPEC/Win software