Atlantis T3 HPLC columns

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  • Application Area: Analyze metabolites in pepper samples

"Good separation in pepper samples. More efficiency"

Review date: 30 Nov 2015 | Atlantis T3 HPLC columns
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  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    4 out of 5
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    4 out of 5
Reliable and requires little maintenance.
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area:Residue and metabolism

"The column has great performance it is reliable and requires little maintenance I recommended as a great tool"

Review date: 09 Nov 2015 | Atlantis T3 HPLC columns
The Atlantis® T3 HPLC columns set the standard for retention and separation of polar compounds via reversed-phase HPLC. Atlantis® T3 columns are a universal, silica-based, reversed-phase C18 line of HPLC columns that not only retain and separate small, water-soluble polar organic compounds, but also provide superior performance across a wider pH range. Atlantis® columns are the culmination of over 30 years of bonded phase research and are a vast improvement upon the highly successful Atlantis® dC18 line of columns. For reversed-phase applications, Atlantis® T3 columns should be considered the first choice when developing a separation of polar (and non-polar) compounds. The advantages of T3 bonding technology are extended to UPLC® in the ACQUITY® UPLC® HSS T3 columns. 

T3 Bonding

The superior performance of Atlantis® T3 HPLC columns and the ACQUITY® UPLC® HSS T3 columns is a result of Waters’ , advanced T3 bonding process. T3 bonding utilizes a trifunctional C18 alkyl phase bonded at a ligand density that promotes polar compound retention and aqueous mobile phase compatibility. The proprietary T3 endcapping process is much more effective than traditional trimethyl silane (TMS) endcapping.

The unique combination of bonding and endcapping provides superior polar compound retention and aqueous compatibility while also enhancing column performance, lifetime, peak shape and stability.

A Universal Reversed-Phase Polar Compound Retention Column

Large organizations are looking to narrow or limit the number of column choices available to their separations scientists. This worldwide LC column “harmonization” can provide more predictable, controlled consumable costs, simplified method transfer between laboratory locations around the world, and pre-screened LC columns for various performance parameters.

With good retention of, and selectivity for, neutral, hydrophilic compounds as well as polar analytes and superior performance over a wider pH range, Atlantis® T3 columns merit serious consideration as a more universal alternative to traditional C18 reversed-phase LC columns.