Atlantis® dC18 Polar Compound Columns

Manufacturer Waters

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Designing the Ideal Column

In order to create a reversed-phase HPLC column for the retention and separation of polar, water-soluble compounds, a new and unique stationary phase packing material had to be created. The result of this two year stationary phase creation project was the silica-based, difunctionally bonded C18 material of Atlantis® dC18 columns.

Stationary phase physical attributes such as endcapping, silica pore size, bonded phase ligand density and ligand type were all optimized in order to create a column that exhibits superior peak shape, low pH stability, resistance to dewetting (hydrophobic collapse) and enhanced polar compound retention.

Waters studied the effects of the stationary phase on polar compound retention and created a column that not only retains polar compounds, but provides excellent peak shape for all compounds and is fully LC/MS compatible. Atlantis® dC18 columns combine all the desirable characteristics of an ideal reversed-phase HPLC column, making it suitable for separating polar compounds as well as standard
reversed-phase applications.