ASX-100 Random Access Intelligent Micro Autosampler

Manufacturer Teledyne CETAC

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The ASX-100 random access intelligent micro autosampler is designed for use with sample volumes from 200 microliters to 1500 microliters. It is the ideal auto sampler to use with any application that requires the analysis of small volume samples. It is designed for use with the CETAC MCN-100 and Aspire microconcentric nebulizers and CETAC Aridus Desolvating Microconcentric Nebulizer.

The ASX-100 was specifically designed for ultra-trace level analysis. All sample vials, sample racks, and trays are metal-free and made of acid resistant, high-purity polymer materials. In addition, the ASX-100 has an integrated sample tray cover to minimize sample contamination.

The ASX-100 provides unique capabilities for the automation of sample introduction with a variety of analytical instruments. Interfacing can be accomplished through serial communication.