AstraTint - fibre optic coupled spectrophotometer

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AstraTint is an advanced fibre optic coupled spectrophotometer that is dedicated to colour measurement and comparison; its high resolution CCD array detector making measurements in less than 2 seconds.

AstraTint shows the sample’s position in the CIE colour space in the lower half of the screen with the L*, a*, b* and x, y, z co-ordinates to the right. If a reference has been measured the values are stored and displayed above the sample results; while the ΔE value (the difference between the sample and reference) is shown at the bottom of the results pane.

The fibre optic reflectance probe uses a six-around-one fibre configuration, with the six illumination fibres at 45◦ to the receiving fibre to avoid specular (gloss based) reflection. Alternative probes are available while a cuvette holder enables liquid colours to be measured. All sampling accessories are simply attached using standard SMA905 connectors.