AssayMAP Bravo Platform by Agilent Technologies

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AssayMAP Bravo Platform
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The AssayMAP Bravo Platform combines the precision and versatility of the Agilent Bravo liquid handler with Agilent’s AssayMAP cartridge technology from BioSystem Development. The AssayMAP Bravo Platform provides a fully automated high-throughput microchromatography solution that can achieve high-throughput quantitative protein sample preparation with walk-away automation that has the flexibility to be used for purification of antibodies in research to bioprocess development, biomarker research to development, and any other analytical technique.

Features of the AssayMAP Bravo Platform:

  • Single Automated Platform – Can purify, quantitative, and react proteins
  • Parallel Processing – Sensitive and precise enough for use on µL-scale samples
  • Open Platform – Uses both standard resins and reagents
  • Precision – Exceptional precision and reproducibility for µL-scale samples
  • Increased Flexibility – Use the same instrument for both cartridge operation and conventional liquid handling
  • Ultra-low Dead Volume – Syringe allows for µL-scale samples
  • User Controlled Flow Rate – From less than 1 µL/min to nearly 100 µL/s
  • Enhanced VWorks Software – Offers task macros and forms for ease of writing and using protocols