Randox Acusera Assayed Urine Control

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The Randox assayed urine control is a comprehensive urine chemistry control covering 24 analytes including kidney function parameters catecholamines and urinary proteins.

As a third party control it is suitable for use with a wide range of analysers and methods making it suitable for use in any chemistry laboratory. Manufactured from 100% human urine it will eliminate problems with antibody interference and values shifting after changing reagent batch which is particularly a problem with Microalbumin.

Assayed Urine Control Features:
  • Lyophilised for enhanced Stability
  • 100% human urine
  • Third party control
  • Assayed target values provided for 24 parameters
  • Two clinically significant levels
  • Shelf life of up to 4 years means the same lot can be used for longer
  • Reconstituted stability of 5 days at +2-8oC or 14 days at -20oC

Amylase Calcium Chloride Copper Cortisol Creatinine Dopamine Epinephrine Glucose 5-HIAA Magnesium Metanephrine Microalbumin Norepinephrine Normetanephrine Osmolality Oxalate Phosphorous Potassium Total Protein Sodium Urea Uric acid Vanillylmandelic Acid