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"software fairly unfriendly, however customer support was responsive."

Review date: 07 Mar 2011 | asm Manager
Hamilton Storage Technologies offers a superior software package that meets user needs for full system control, sample tracking, and simple integration to third-party platforms. The software distributes intelligence throughout the system's modules, maintaining data integrity, optimizing throughput, and managing growth of the sample library. Developer level access ensures that your present and future requirements will be accommodated.

The asm Manager is simple to use. The Windows Explorer-style browser offers an easy-to-use interface with simple icons. The set up and configuration is straightforward, allowing the user to easily set up clusters, pick lists, projects, and utilities. Easy step commands allow for full system control, which provides simple integration in a few hours. Additionally, the user has the ability to inform the system of manual changes and view the entire library in one location.

Our software puts the power of our solutions in the customer's hands.

Key Features of the asm Manager Software

• User-friendly barcode list generator―The "Pick List Editor" offers importing a list from a file and easy-to-use search tools.
• Third-party integration―Easily integrates to LIMS and third-party devices through a standard API.
• Easy-to-use error recovery―In the event of an aborted run, the system is recoverable without losing data and down time.
• Cluster Editor―Offers user-friendly drag-and-drop interface with simple data synchronization and validation when docking and undocking devices.
• Project Wizard―Allows for assignment of method-specific run parameters, and guides the user through all steps for setting parameters and building a project.
• Cluster Run Manager―The primary interface during a run—Runtime data display, Alert Message Handling, Pause, Continue, or Abort the run.
• System alarming―Complete system alarming capability (i.e. temperature, oxygen, automation, notification, and more.)
• System progress― The status of the system and your expected job completion time can be checked at any time.