ASD Inc Portable Vis-NIR Spectrometers by Analytik Ltd

Manufacturer Analytik Ltd

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ASD Inc Portable Vis-NIR Spectrometers
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LabSpec 4 Vis-NIR spectrometer (350-2500 nm) is a versatile and precise measurement device in a mobile package. LabSpec 4 is a portable NIR analyser, designed for food and feed testing in the milling, grain, animal feed and food processing; pharmaceuticals; peitrochemicals and many other industries.

LabSpec 4 Features:

  • Portable, rugged and robust, yet with no compromise in performance
  • 350-2500 nm spectral range
  • Extreme sensitivity with Cooled InGaAs TurboScanner™ technology
  • Up to 2150 data points per spectra (1 nm data interval)
  • Complete spectra collected in 100 ms (0.1 sec)
  • Unique low stray light post dispersive optical system
  • Industry standard SMA fibre optic connectivity enables countless sampling capabilities
  • Real time interface with Grams™, Unscrambler® and other chemometrics packages

TerraSpec is a rugged, field portable Vis-NIR spectrometer with the resolution and performance required for providing rapid mineral analysis and valuable geometallurgical information that can be used in mining exploration and production.

Trusted by the mining industry for more than a decade the only real time technology that can accurately measure mineral abundances in the field or in the lab. 

TerraSpec Benefits:

  • Eliminates wait time for laboratory analysis
  • Has an ideal configuration for a various range of mining exploration applications:
    - Geological / deposit field mapping
    - Indicator mineral identification
    - Analysis of mineralogical parameters related to thermal and chemical zonation
    - Analysis of drill cuttings
    - Core logging
  • Reduces laboratory analysis costs, sample preparation and sample transport costs
  • Non-destructive - sample can be further analysed if necessary
  • Produces laboratory-quality results without the need to send samples to an off-site lab
  • Facilitates efficiency gains in ore sorting decisions
  • Excellent compatibility with the world most powerful spectral data and mineral analysis the Spectral Geologist (TSG®) software from AusSpec International