Ascend by Bruker BioSpin

Manufacturer Bruker BioSpin  |  Available Worldwide
Incorporating Key Technologies for Best Performance and Cost Efficiency

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The Ascend line of magnets take Bruker's well-established UltraShield Plus magnets and build upon that success with significant technological innovations. Using superconductor technology enables smaller magent coils, which reduce the physical size of the magnet and its stray fields. The Ascend magnets are easier to site, safer to run and less expensive to operate.

Maximum Performance

  • Unique jointing technology leading to the lowest drift rates for outstanding field stability
  • External Disturbance Suppression (EDS) providing up to 99% screening efficiency against external magnetic field disturbances
  • Minimum stray fields

Easy to Site with Less Preparation Costs

  • Easier magnet access and rigging due to smaller size and weight
  • Reduced physical and magnetic footprint in the lab
  • Reduced ceiling height requirements