Asbestos Inspection Cabinet by Bigneat Ltd

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Asbestos Inspection Cabinet
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For the effective removal of asbestos fibers and other airborne particles.

Asbestos Inspection Cabinets for operator protection from fibers and particles. Cabinets have teardrop shaped front access with double hinged flap for easy access to cabinet interior. The front access flap will have a port machined into the acrylic to accept a microscope eye piece. This will be marked and cut to suit individual requirements prior to delivery.

Cabinets are supplied with HEPA filtration (removes particles greater than 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.997%) and a pre-filter (removes particles greater than 5 microns).

Included are: lockable front doors, two side panel service ports with covers, black PVC base tray.

Key Features

. All-round vision
. Quiet operation
. Electronic low airflow audible alarm
. Safe-change pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure
. Manual fan control, speed can be set at 0.5ms-1 which is the recommended airflow for an asbestos cabinet