AS-2055/2057 Intelligent Autosampler by JASCO (USA)

Manufacturer JASCO (USA)

AS-2055/2057 Intelligent Autosampler by JASCO (USA) product image
AS-2055/2057 Intelligent Autosampler

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The JASCO Model AS-2055 and AS-2057 are fully automatic sample injection systems enabling greater productivity and the highest possible level of precision.
Sampling flexibility is unparalleled with up to 384 well positions (microplate) for laboratory automation and combinatorial chemistry. Also available is a rack for 84 micro-vials or the standard rack for 50 2 ml vials.

The AS-2055/2057 offer 5 operating modes; normal, two methods of pre-column derivatization, dilution, and zerosample loss injection in stand-alone mode. In the zero-sample loss mode, the sample is sandwiched between two zones of mobile phase solvent, and the entire sample volume is drawn into the loop and injected without loss.

The AS-2055/2057 can be easily combined with the JASCO HPLC system and the HSS-2000 software for Windows 2000. The HSS-2000 program offers full automation of your JASCO HPLC system including the AS-2055/2057.