Artemis K101 HTRF® Microplate Reader by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG

Artemis K101 HTRF<sup>®</sup> Microplate Reader by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG product image
Artemis K101 HTRF® Microplate Reader
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Artemis K-101 has been designed for optimum performance with CISbio´s HTRF® reagents. The HTRF® approved instrument is extremely easy to use and guarantees superior performance even with demanding applications.
The internal reflection epi-fluorescence optics paired with selected excitation and emission filters and a sensitive detector operated in single photon counting mode ensures best performance with low background and high sensitivity comparable to laser-based systems.

The instrument has been validated for all of CISbio´s HTRF® reagents. Any HTRF® assay based on either the Europium or the new Terbium cryptates can be measured with superior performance. The HTRF® assay platform from CISbio offers the researchers a highly sensitive, robust technology for the detection of biological interactions such as G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR), kinase and imflammation biomarkers among others.

The Artemis is completely controlled by the MicroPlateReader software package. The user is able to adjust the numbers of flashes and thus the respective reading times per well and plate. The HTRF® ratio calculation derived from the donor and acceptor signals, a patented method to correct for quenching and sample interferences, is automatically performed. Even standard curves can be calculated with the software.

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