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Arrayed BAC library
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An arrayed or non-arrayed BAC library is the preferred choice for downstream applications such as hybridization screening; full-genome sequencing; BAC end sequencing or physical mapping projects. Amount of clones received is based on a guaranteed coverage and 120Kb average insert size. HMW DNA isolation and QC by HMW DNA enzymatic digestion are included.

Deliverables for ARRAYED BAC library:
Clones will be arrayed and amplified in 384-well plates (1 unique clone/well) and shipped on dry ice. Plates will be identified with bar-coded labels.

Deliverables for NON-ARRAYED BAC library:
Client will receive BAC clone mixtures (transformed E. coli cells containing BAC DNA) stored in glycerol and shipped on dry ice. An additional 5% of clones will be shipped at no extra charge to compensate for loss of titer during delivery. This option is recommended to scientists studying large genomes and/or having arraying capabilities and/or wishing to limit shipping fees.