arium® pro Type I Ultra Pure Water Systems by Sartorius Group

Manufacturer Sartorius Group

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arium® pro Type I Ultra Pure Water Systems

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arium® pro Type I ultra pure water systems for the production of reagent-grade water needed for critical applications as well as routine analyses. Typical applications are the production of ultrapure water for cell culture or chromatographic applications. The type I ultra pure water systems are available in four different versions and can be ordered as wall-mounted unit, bench-top system or built-in system. arium® pro features a convincing innovative design, quality and ease of use.

Top features

• Sophisticated display and menu functions
• The user can choose between three comfortable water dispense setups
• Highly developed electronic features

Display and menu functions
The innovative glass operator interface with touch function can be operated easily. The intuitive menu navigation with integrated text support is easy to handle.

• Pre-setting of relevant parameters for documentation, e.g. conductivity feed and product
• PIN protected menu and service settings
• Service and alarm functions supported by graphic presentation
• Color-coded warnings
• Displays measured values for water (feed water, product water, temperature, total dispensed water), system information and count down for next recommended consumable replacement.
• Integrated totaliser to monitor water consumption
• Diary function

Water Dispense

With the manual, volume and time dispensed water control the arium® pro gives users the greatest possible flexibility in routine applications. A countdown for the remaining amount of water is displayed and the system comes with a volume and time memory function.

• Manual dispense (stepless from 0,5 up to 2 l/min)
• Volume dispense (0,1 – 60 l)
• Time dispense (30 sec – 59 min)

Electronic features for data backup and display

arium® pro automatically measures the conductivity of feed and product water. These and other parameters can be displayed continuously or directly on a PC or printer and can be saved on a SD card as well.