AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner by Bioscan Inc.

Manufacturer Bioscan Inc.
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AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner by Bioscan Inc. product image
AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner
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The AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner has become the industry ‘Gold Standard’ in the detection of radiolabeled compounds in TLC plates…and also in the purity analysis of [18F] FDG
Bioscan’s AR-2000 system provides direct digital counting of all radioisotopes, including high-energy positron emitters and low energy betas--such as tritium (3H)--without the need to exchange detectors.

AR-2000’s design guarantees quantitative accuracy & reproducibility in thin-layer chromatography applications…in both important metabolism studies, as well as in simple radiochemical purity measurements. The system is linear over 4-5 decades of activity, providing fast & reliable analyses, and a range 1,000-times greater than X-ray film…without exposure guesswork and potential saturation.

The imaging scanner uses a gas-filled proportional counter, which can image an entire TLC lane in less than one minute. And multiple lanes can be analyzed in a single automated run…without operator intervention.

The system includes WinScan software for instrument control, data analysis, and report generation. Results can be presented as chromatograms…or as 2D images, using the optional WinScan 2D software. Quantitation of peaks is automatically performed, and a report showing the method used, chromatogram, and percent of total activity for each peak is provided.

Here are just some of the key Benefits…

  • Minimizes technician exposure & bench-time
  • Easy-to-use WinScan software
  • Fast, automated, 1D and 2D image-acquisition & analysis
  • Interchangeable high-efficiency and high-resolution collimators are available
  • Accurate, reliable, gas proportional detection technology
  • High sensitivity…quantify less than 100dpm 14C in less than 10 minutes
  • No contaminated screens…and no liquid waste disposal
  • Models for 1, 2, or 3 TLC (20x20cm) plates

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AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner by Bioscan Inc. product image

AR-2000 radio-TLC Imaging Scanner

Manufacturer Bioscan Inc.

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews