Spectroquant® quality assurance for photometers

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The Spectroquant® analysis system includes

  • photometers with cell tests and reagent tests which can be identified by barcodes
  • pre-diluted standard solutions in various concentrations for increased reliability requirements
  • residue-free cleaning agents

Three-stage concept for internal controls

Photometer Check - AQA 1

Easy to perform with certified color standards and/or Certipur® UV/VIS standards.

System Check - AQA 2

Reliable documentation by measuring the recovery with CombiCheck standard solution, Certified Reference Material standard solutions (CRM), or Certipur® standard solutions.

Matrix Check - AQA 3

Through one-time spiking with CombiCheck R-2 solution or multiple dilution/spiking with self-prepared solutions.

Error-free results with analytical quality assurance

With the Spectroquant® analysis system Merck Millipore offers a complete analytical quality assurance (AQA) concept for all Spectroquant® photometers.

This allows users to be sure at all times that laboratory processes are running within defined minimum margins of error from beginning to end, providing reliable measurement results.

Merck Millipore's ammonium standard solutions for photometric applications have an expanded measurement uncertainty of no more than 0.012 mg/l.