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Applied Imaging Ariol®

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"It has FANTASTIC Imaging. It saves me sending the slides out in post. It has quicker reports plus with the added bonus of less risk factors than sending slides out. "

Review date: 07 Nov 2013 | Applied Imaging Ariol®
The complete solution to molecular pathology imaging and image analysis

Ariol is a high throughput automated image analysis system for the quantification of biomarkers on microscope slides in research, clinical, pharmaceutical, genomic, and proteomic applications. Capable of both brightfield and fluorescent imaging, it rapidly scans and quantitates IHC, FISH, immunofluorescence, micrometastasis, angiogenesis, DNA Ploidy, and tissue microarray slides. Ariol is FDA cleared for in vitro diagnostic use of HER-2/neu, ER, and PR IHC, PathVysion® and the detection of micrometastases in bone marrow.