APEXII CCD Detector for Crystallography by Bruker Life Sciences

APEXII CCD Detector for Crystallography by Bruker Life Sciences product image
APEXII CCD Detector for Crystallography

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Bruker AXS's new 4K CCD Detector, the APEX™II, is used to measure crystal structures of inorganic and organic chemistry compounds, as well as new materials or minerals.  APEXII is the latest in a ten year line of CCD detectors for crystallography, first pioneered as the SMART CCD and a recipient of an R&D100 award.   Bruker-Nonius CCD detector systems are considered state-of-the-art technology for the determination of crystal structures from small molecules to very large DNA and protein structures.  The new 486 CCD chip features dramatically lower noise, higher sensitivity and wider dynamic range, while the novel electronics are user selectable for ultra-fast or ultra-low noise readout.  The intrinsically lower noise of the chip, plus its deeper cooling, leads to a lower "e;dark noise"e; in the system.  APEXII systems collect superior data when long exposures are necessary--to push the limits of technology to enable new research by solving structures from even smaller or poorly diffracting crystals.  Furthermore, the low speed, ultra-low noise readout mode is tailored to study novel materials.