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The APEX-QE 7T is an exceptionally easy-to-use Q-q-FTMS system for ultra-high performance proteomics mass spectrometry. Its FTMS/MS sensitivity, resolution and mass accuracy greatly surpasses alternative hybrid ion trap-FTMS combinations that mostly just operate as an ion trap in MS/MS mode without fully using the benefits of ultra-high resolution and superb mass accuracy in FTMS/MS. The APEX-QE delivers ultra-high resolution data for all measurements for consistency across large sample sets and automated overnight runs.

The APEX-QE now operates under our integrated Compass™ software environment for easy operation in multi-instrument laboratories, and with the most comprehensive bioinformatics analysis software suite in the industry. Running this powerful Q-q-FTMS system is now as easy as running a Bruker Daltonics ion trap for LC-ESI-MS(n) proteomics experiments. At 7 Tesla, it has an affordable list price of $750,000, which makes it accessible for many proteomics laboratories.

In addition, the APEX-QE combines the robust CID capabilities of the Q-q-front end with the unique and powerful new Top Pro™technology for top-down proteomics. Top Pro™ integrates the uniquely sensitive selective ion enrichment capabilities of our Q-q-front-end with powerful electron capture dissociation (ECD), and our BioTools™ software for top-down de novo protein sequencing and the discovery of post-translational modifications (PTM).

The most unique feature of the APEX-QE is the integrated high-sensitivity Top Pro technology. Top Pro leverages our unique ability for high duty cycle gas-phase enrichment of target proteins with high-intensity ECD as a standard feature to generate extensive structural data for low abundant proteins and post-translationally modified peptides. Finally, Top Pro also includes powerful data analysis software for the identification of PTM sites and the interrogation of unknown protein sequences. We believe that Top Pro takes top-down proteomics in FTMS to a completely new sensitivity level that will make the APEX-QE a broadly applicable proteomics tool.

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