APEX-QE 7T Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer with ECD

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The novel Bruker Daltonics APEX-QE 7 Tesla Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer (with ECD) proteomics platform is ideal for both "bottom-up" and "shotgun" proteomics.  The APEX-QE is fully integrated with the company's novel Top Pro™ technology for the most sensitive top-down proteomics capabilities in FTMS. The new APEX-QE 7T is an exceptionally easy-to-use Q-q-FTMS system for ultra-high performance proteomics mass spectrometry.  Its FTMS/MS sensitivity, resolution and mass accuracy greatly surpass alternative hybrid ion trap-FTMS combinations that mostly just operate as an ion trap in MS/MS mode without fully using the benefits of high-resolution and superb mass accuracy in FTMS/MS.  The APEX-QE delivers ultra-high resolution data for all measurements for consistency across large sample sets and automated overnight runs.  The APEX-QE now operates under our integrated COMPASS™ software environment for easy operation in multi-instrument laboratories, and with the most comprehensive bioinformatics analysis software suite in the industry.  Running this powerful Q-q-FTMS system is now as easy as running a Bruker Daltonics ion trap for LC-ESI-MS(n) proteomics experiments.  At 7 T it has an affordable price of $750,000, which makes it quite accessible for many proteomics laboratories.   In addition, the APEX-QE combines the robust CID capabilties of the Q-q front end with the unique and powerful new Top Pro ™ technology for top-down proteomics.  Top Pro combines the uniquely sensitive selective enrichment capabilties of our Q-q front-end with powerful  electron capture dissociation (ECD), and our BioTools™ software for top-down de novo protein sequencing and the discovery of post-translational modifications (PTMs).