APEX-Q by Bruker Daltonics

Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

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The APEX-Q platform combines a Q-q- "front-end" and a high field FTMS magnet (7, 9.4 or 12 Tesla with or without refrigeration for sharply-reduced maintenance) for the ultimate resolution proteomics mass spectrometer.

Superb Resolution, Mass Accuracy

New 9.4, 12, and 15 Tesla magnets (with a refrigeration option for sharply- reduced maintenance) and Data-Dependent LC-MS/FTMS. The APEX-Q platform combines a Q-q- "front-end" and a high field FTMS magnet (9.4, 12, and 15 Tesla) for the ultimate resolution.

Provides High Field Performance Needed for Proteomics

The new high-field APEX-Q can deliver sub-ppm mass accuracy, enormous resolving power for peptide mixtures, wide bandwidth detection, high dynamic range, and fast automated data-dependent MS/MS for detailed proteome characterization when coupled on-line to liquid chromatography. With the APEX-Q, the life science researcher now has access to automated data dependent MS/MS functionality operating with dynamic exclusion lists, inclusion lists and other "smart" MS/MS proteomics protocols with the added benefit of FTMS caliber performance. 

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